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    V2 Vapor Cartridges (5 Pack)
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    The V2 PCC (Portable Charging Case): The Newest and Most Innovative Portable Charging Case Presently Available
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Manual batteries have a small button on them, which when pressed heats the atomizer which will produce the vapor.

This gives you full control over the vapor amounts on each puff you take.

An automatic battery is usually more preferred by those who don't have much experience with electronic cigarettes.

It's a little more similar to smoking an analog cigarette.

The atomizer is triggered by the motion of air passing through, so that when you inhale it automatically heats up to produce vapor.

You don't have to push a button at all, so the motion is more akin to a tobacco cigarette.

For those who already have e-cigs, you may like to know that V2 Cigs uses the standard KR808D-1 type.

If you have a battery already, this means you can give V2 a try without purchasing a full kit.

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It's not enough for them to know that they offer the absolute best products currently available on the market.

To be a successful company with loyal, devoted, and happy customers, V2 Cigs understands that there must be more.

This is where their customer service comes in.

What do you do if you have questions? What about when you run out of something and need a refill? What if something breaks? Most companies won't step in to help you.

Many will not offer the product warranties that V2 proudly does.

It's not always the first thing you think of when shopping around for an e-cig, but the support provided by a company speaks volumes about it.

And despite the plethora of information available online, most people will still have some questions when they are getting ready to make their first purchase.

Plenty of people will continue to have questions no matter how experienced they are with vaping or not.

Even I sometimes need guidance that can only be found by reaching out to a company directly.

The customer service provided by a lot of e-cig companies can leave a lot to be desired, but V2 Cigs is there for its customers.

Their representatives are experienced and knowledgeable, they know their products and they know how to best serve their customers.

They offer many different ways of getting help with products and purchases, be it by chat, phone, or email.

They are available extended hours to make sure you get any questions you may have answered quickly and professionally.

If you were to have any lingering doubts about whether or not V2 Cigs was the absolute best choice to buy from, do not forget that 30 day satisfaction guarantee, where you will get a refund if you're not happy with your product.

V2 Cigs also offers lifetime warranties on all electronic parts, which is an incredible offer, and means free replacement of batteries or other electronic components if they die.

Purchasing an electronic cigarette and switching from tobacco smoking to vaping is a wise decision.

And a lot of people have simply been glad to have a new hobby in vaping, because it is truly enjoyable.

However, there is a right and wrong way to go about it.

If you make the wrong choice you can lose time and money.

But choosing V2 Cigs will help prevent this.

They are the most popular and most recommended e-cig available.

You know you can trust V2 Cigs.

They have proven themselves to be a solid company with a true understanding of their customers needs and desires.

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There is a reason they have such a loyal fanbase, and they have earned that support and acclaim from their customers.

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Undoubtedly, smoking is injurious to health. But this is something related with traditional smoking where harmful effects of nicotine is related. And the picture is totally different in electronic cigarette smoking where there are no such fatal threats are posed to your health. Let us see the benefits of v2 e cigs that you can enjoy by purchasing these class e cigs using your V2 Cig Coupon Code.

  • Save Your Health: V2 Ecigs are the healthy alternatives to traditional cigarettes. They enable you to enjoy nicotine, but without all the harmful chemicals that may lead to fatal diseases like cancer. V2 Cigs are nicotine free. Needless to say, when you are looking to quit, the latter cigs are the ones you should go for. They feel like real cigarettes, but instead of nicotine, they contain a rich vapor which gives the same sensation of a cigarette.
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  • Long-lasting cartomizers: The cartomizers of these e-cigs are long lasting as well, so you will be able to puff away before the need to replace them comes along. And as far as the longevity goes, the battery also lasts longer than average.
  • Fantastic Battery: V2 e cigs come with amazing batteries. The power and capacity of V2 batteries are undeniably fantastic. At small hits you will get massive amounts of vapors.
  • Nice and trendy packaging: V2 e cigs also come in trendy designs and nice packaging. You can carry them anywhere as the kits are really slick and light.
  • Enjoy a smoke free and tar free smoking: You can enjoy a smoke free and tar free smoking by using V2 e cigs as they do not produce any smoke. And you are also saving your teeth from the stains of tars.
  • Save Yourself From Smoking Addiction: It has also been found that smoking is turning into addiction. It crosses its limit, and from a thing of refreshment smoking often becomes the bad addiction. And the result is known by most of us.

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If this is your first time trying electronic cigarettes, or this precise brand, you will need to invest in a starter kit. This is the package that contains all the accessories you will need to start smoking. With V2 Cigs, everything is branded and classy-looking, giving the appearance of a highly reputed and established brand (which it is). If you feel like making a bigger investment, you can try the ultimate pack which is the more expensive starter kit. But with a coupon code, you can be able to get it from a discounted price. The ultimate pack offers more- from the numbers of cartomizers you get, and even the batteries themselves.

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