How Do E Cigs Work

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    • How Do E Cigs Work

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      From a perspective of physical sensation, e cigs are amazingly similar. However, from a perspective of health effects, they are totally dissimilar and healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Perhaps, this is the reason why an electronic cigarette is an excellent alternative to a tobacco cigarette. However, the smokers who wish to become vapers face a challenge of preparing themselves in advance for this transition. While preparing, the smokers need to know about the basics such as components and working.


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      E-Cig Components and How They Work Together


      Most e cigarettes hold a battery, atomizer, and cartridge. This cartridge acts as the holder for e liquid or e juice that contains nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavor. In most cases, these three parts are detachable. So, when you insert the cartridge into the device, the filler of cartridge which is made up of polyester dipped in the liquid comes in contact with the bridge of the atomizer, the heating unit. With the help of gravity and tube action, the liquid gets absorbed through the bridge into the steel mesh reservoir of the atomizer, where it resides.


      Now when the smoker puffs on the device, the air flow pulls the liquid from the reservoir into the ceramic pot of the atomizer. From here, the liquid is absorbed by the fragrant polyimide wick within the pot. When this is happening, the battery is also heating the coil that flanks around the wick. As a result, the liquid gets heated until it becomes a vapor that is drawn up via the e-cig until the mouthpiece.


      Now, this working takes a twist as per the battery type. If the batter is manual, there is a switch that when pressed signals the atomizer to vaporize only that liquid that is inside the ceramic pot. In the absence of user’s inhaling action, no more liquid is fetched in the pot or soaked up by the wick.


      If you have not chosen a disposable e cigarette that is meant for one-time use, the battery you get is rechargeable. This means you need to charge a battery on a regular basis to make it last all day long. Interestingly, the manufacturers offer different types of chargers such as car charger, portable charger case, USB charger, and wall charger.

      The Components that Need Replacement


      It is the cartridge that demands frequent replacement. However, there is no need for you to worry as they are available at affordable rates. Most cartridges have the capacity to last until a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes. Although this is considerably good lifespan, you need to store extra cartridges for replacement. Alternatively, you can even choose to refill the cartridge with the liquid of different flavor.

      The Liquid


      The e liquid or juice for refilling the cartridge contains a flavoring agent and nicotine in the strength of your choice. Nicotine liquid is available in different concentrations such as low, medium, and high. There are many manufacturers that are offering zero nicotine liquids so that you can try escape the addiction. Those with high or full strength liquid offer the sensational experience equivalent of a tobacco cigarette, although a few has been claimed to exceed that, which is actually not good for your health.

      Apart from nicotine strength, you can choose the flavor you want. This ranges from fruit flavors to tobacco. So, you can expect flavors such as menthol, mint, chocolate, apple, banana, cherry, kiwi, and Marlboro.

      The Choice for the Right Components


      It is a fact that not all e cigarettes on offer are of high-quality products and that a few can be overpriced. In simple terms, not all manufacturers offer good products. This is because certain components from some manufacturers are better than those on offer by others. Therefore, it is better to do some research before choosing the brand or e cigarette. Look for some genuine user reviews or testimonials and then decide.

      The Cost


      Economically, the e cigarettes tend to cost much less than the original tobacco in the long run. Over a period of year, you are bound to save more than 50% by choosing a quality e cigarette. The initial purchase of a kit might appear to be costly but over the time, the investment proves to be more efficient.


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